Built for You


Aloha’s proprietary AI creates a personalized health profile and then matches you to enrolling clinical trials. Our system reads your medical records and extracts relevant information into your patient profile. Then we match it to all enrolling clinical trials delivering you the best-matched trials available anywhere, not biased by advertising dollars or limited solely to your current provider’s network.  

Convenient & Easy


When faced with a life threatening disease or chronic illness, you need to gather your options quickly and act. It is vital to focus in on relevant options and discuss them with your patient advocate, medical team, trusted friends and family.

Our technology brings you those matched trial options faster, avoiding the frustration of digging through hundreds of trials that you don’t fit your personal medical situation. 

People that Care


Aloha knows that evaluating your clinical trial and treatment options is not solely a technology problem. That’s why we partner with patient advocacy groups who deliver our clinical trial match services as part of their comprehensive patient support resources. Connect with one of our trusted partners today and collaborate with them as you forge ahead on your own health journey.


Aloha Health Network knows firsthand how difficult it can be to face challenging medical news. We understand how scary the future is once you have exhausted all medical options your doctor gave you. Navigating the internet for treatments can be daunting and it should not be your main priority now. Aloha Health Network’s mission is clear: we deliver unbiased, personalized medical information directly to patients and their care teams. Our first service, a clinical trial match service, empowers patient care teams to quickly and easily find the best-matched clinical trial options to explore. Through our proprietary AI technology, dedicated team and expert patient advocacy partners we are here to assist you on your medical journey.


"As a global patient advocate platform, we are constantly digging through extensive clinical trial listings to help patients find the trials which offer the best possible outcomes. The Aloha Health Network is streamlining and automating that process and allowing us to help more people more efficiently! We are very excited about implementing this tool into our platform and offering the Aloha service to all our patients!"

Eric Drew

Founder of WeHeal