Aloha’s dedicated Life Science team focuses their efforts on trial acquisition and maintaining a steady pipeline of trials. Our trial selection process is thorough and thoughtful, with your interests, specialties, and patients driving the decision. We primarily work with Phase 2, 3, and 4 trials in all therapeutic areas. Training, budgeting, compliance: we do it all to get the trial up and running. Aloha provides a turn-key approach to research.  We provide everything needed from A Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC), ensuring the research is being conducted appropriately to all necessary equipment to run the studies that you see fit.

From start to finish of a clinical trial, Aloha is there to conduct Sponsor visits and get your site running.  Once your site is activated, our team goes to work to find studies that would be appropriate for your practice and beneficial to your patients.  As we identify studies, you as the provider determines if they are a good fit for your patients. We then handle budget negotiation, onboarding, patient recruiting, patient screening, and everything in-between.  When the study is over, Aloha will handle all data reporting and other steps necessary to officially close out the trial.

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