How do ad-hoc queries and targeted landing page queries work on Aloha?

Aloha offers 2 distinct types of clinical trial placement service.  First we offer a mobile application through our non-profit and clinical health system partners.  The mobile application includes automated ad-hoc matching to clinical trials.  Aloha also drives targeted disease-group focused campaigns designed to help specific patient populations.  Each month Aloha targets new disease groups in this manner, and these services offer highly curated and focused trial listings appropriate to specific populations of patients within specific regions of the world.

Does Aloha retain identifiable patient data?

No.  Aloha does analyze identified medical records data, but only accesses that information temporarily.  Once Aloha has extracted the relevant disease groups from your medical data, the easily identifiable copy of those original medical records information are erased from our servers.  A permanent copy of your identified medical records can optionally be retained within your own cell phone, but Aloha does not permanently keep your identifiable medical records within our servers.

What are “Aloha Health Alerts”?

Aloha health network has the ability to send “Aloha Health Alert” notifications to those patients with access to our mobile applications.  These alerts can provide valuation clinical and medical information appropriate for use by specific medical communities.

Does Aloha provide health advice, in addition to the automated trial listing services?

Aloha does not directly offer medical advice to patients.  However, Aloha does partner with non-profit and health system companies that do provide advice, and we provide access to Aloha’s services for those entities to help them with the placement and tracking of clinical trial patients.

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