Our Mission

Aloha Health Network’s founding mission is to deliver unbiased, personalized medical information directly to patients and their care teams. Our first service, a clinical trial match service, empowers patient care teams to quickly and easily find the best-matched clinical trial options to explore.

Our Team



Rob has over 30 years of software engineering and engineering management experience with special emphasis on healthcare technology and biomedical & biological informatics. Rob specializes in Biological Informatics, Biostatistics, Clinical Trial Automation, Intelligent Agent Design, and Semantic Interoperability.



Mr. Ward's career is all about the business of technology management for both large and startup companies. He has led or advised many startups over his 30+ year career in addition to leading large corporate technology programs here in the SF Bay area. Mr. Ward is also CEO of Telegraph Hill Software, a professional services firm providing technical management consulting and front-end and back-end development. Telegraph Hill’s technology consultants have decades of hands-on management experience at companies large and small, leading Development, Engineering, Operations, and Program Management teams.


Vice President of Engineering

Adam is an accomplished leader and team contributor. Expert full-stack Ruby, Java and Javascript software engineer, current with emerging technologies and application environments. Dedicated to bringing complex businesses to life through thoughtful user experiences. Relentlessly jovial, in a good way.


Senior Software Engineer

Bob specializes in Software Design and Development, specifically in document image analysis, character recognition and pattern recognition. Experience in real time device control, operating system internals and compiler development. Bob is especially interested in working with Natural Language Processing, syntactic and semantic analysis of English text.

Jim McNamara

Senior Software Engineer

Jim has an academic background in applied mathematics and has been involved in a variety of software engineering design and development projects as an employee, contractor, consultant and business owner. In recent years his focus has been on image and voice recognition systems, pattern analysis, and natural language processing with special application to biomedical information extraction.


Senior Software Engineer

John has extensive experience in software design and development. His many areas of accomplishment include compiler design and implementation, TCP/IP packet protocols, network optimization and security, cryptography, and complex string pattern matching algorithms. John loves solving hard problems, particularly of a mathematical or statistical nature, and he has been involved in building automation and AI related systems throughout his career.

Tom Mizukami

Vice President of Quality

Tom has over 20 years of experience at Bay Area biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, and consulting companies. His background includes R&D, IT, Project Management, and Quality. Tom has implemented numerous Quality Systems and Quality improvement programs. Most recently, Tom has led Quality and Compliance for goBalto+Oracle. Tom’s undergraduate education is in Chemistry at the University of California at Berkeley.


Senior Knowledge Engineer

Mike has a strong desire to further his knowledge and experience with a variety of Artificial Intelligence and simulation techniques. He hopes to do this by peer interaction on a challenging project. Mike is particularly interested in projects with any part/aspect of Knowledge-Based-Simulation Environment &/or something like an Assisted Problem-Solving-Environment.

Sondra Pepe

Vice President of Product

Sondra’s passion for patients started with work in healthcare providers’ offices and migrated into clinical software. She has over 15 years of experience with a wide range of different clinical research technologies. Prior to joining Aloha, Sondra worked at leading eClinical vendors including Veeva Systems and Medidata Solutions. Sondra is thrilled to bring her career focus back around to serving patients.