1. Create an Account

To begin, create an account using our Aloha application. Both patients and patient advocates are able to create a profile to use our personalized clinical trial matching software.

3. View Matched Trials

Once matched, there are features on the application that will help customize the found trials to exactly what you want. You have the ability to filter by location of trials and by types of intervention. You may also favorite and discard trials from the list.

5. Referral



Aloha Health Network will help connect you with research sites enrolling for the studies you are most interested in. Typically they will conduct updated and/or more extensive medical tests as part of what they call, “Screening.” The research site will also provide you with study information available in a format specifically written for patients. At this point, you and your care team will have the best information from which to pick a trial for enrollment.

While no one can guarantee you a positive health outcome from any clinical trial, your act of participation will be helping countless others as you contribute to the advancement of medicine. Let us be the first to thank you for becoming a patient hero!

2. Upload Information

Rather than generically searching for trials based solely on your disease category, our proprietary natural language processing engine reads your medical records to create an accurate representation of your current health status. Your health profile is used to match you against the entire database of trials, outputting a targeted list of options you can then review

4. Invite Your Patient Team


Being a patient sucks. Choosing the best trial requires more than just a list of trials matched to you. It’s important to partner with your physicians and patient advocate. There can be important considerations in the order of treatments or your particular case.

Patient Team?

A patient team consists of friends, family, and medical teams. Whoever you decide to invite to your core team of support. To provide you with extra guidance and support, Aloha is partnered with patient advocacy groups, with access to like minded patients. Advocate partners provide holistic support to you and your family in this time of uncertainty and need. They will share their experience navigating the healthcare system to ensure that you maximize your treatment options and avoid wasting precious time lost in the shuffle.


Our network is created and geared towards making a patient’s experience the best it can be. We want to make clinical trials accessible for everyone. Aloha Health Network allows patients to work with their advocates, doctors, and family to review recommendations for clinical trials and treatments. Our automated system will specifically recommend treatments that match each patient in an unbiased manner.  Aloha wants to make the process of finding clinical trials as seamless as possible. 

Have Questions?

We get it. Feel free to reach out or check our FAQ first!

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