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Aloha Health Expedites Clinical Trial Data Services for Feasibility, Site Mgmt, & Recruitment!

Aloha Health Network now offers a full suite of comprehensive services for clinical trial sponsors, biotech, pharma, CRO, and SMO companies. This suite includes Aloha EHR AI Data Services which establish de-identified patient phenotypes from all EHR sources, including site databases and Aloha's internal networks. This cutting edge technology is revolutionizing the trial process and is ideal for conducting trial design, rescue trial feasibility, site performance estimates, and participant identification and recruitment. Once a phenotype has been matched to inclusion / exclusion criteria, Aloha's system automatically forwards the identified record to a designated CRC for enrollment, streamlining the process and expediting the trial.

Aloha's full suite of trial services also includes clinical trial site design and site management though our in-house site network or by quickly establishing new sites where needed. Aloha also offers customized patient outreach campaigns to expedite enrollment, which include resources such as sleek and user-friendly landing pages with streamlined intake processes, individually tailored ad, social media, and PR campaigns, and access to our extensive patient advocate partner referral network. Through this partner network we gain unique access to specialized patient populations, and provide advocate services to engage patients and assist them with locating optimal trial options.

Aloha Health Network is an AI technology company focused on matching patient phenotypes to optimal clinical trials to improve outcomes as well as expedite the entire trial process . We currently have a robust COVID-19 outreach campaign in motion with our partner WeHeal Foundation as a public service, and are reaching over 150,000 people a month with COVID trial solutions. Many participants have been referred to COVID-19 trials and we hope lives have been saved!

This campaign can now be repurposed to support your COVID19 vaccine trial! Use our current momentum to help reach a wider base of potential participants and meet your trial recruitment targets faster, so we can all benefit from a solution to COVID ASAP!

Please contact for further information on Aloha Trial Services, and we look forward to collaborating with you to save countless lives!


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