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Aloha Health Network Offers COVID19 Clinical Trial Matching

Updated: Aug 13

Aloha Health now offers a new free consumer service for finding and evaluating COVID19 clinical trials, which include new treatments for those who are sick as well as preventive breakthroughs and vaccines.

In addition to publishing a list of currently recruiting COVID19 clinical trials, Aloha has partnered with the non-profit WeHeal Foundation to host a free access "COVID19 Advocate Network" to answer questions and help consumers decide which clinical trial may be optimal for their case and their needs.

Aloha and WeHeal are also launching similar trial and advocate community offerings for a variety of diseases and therapeutic areas, including a list of new treatment technologies available for amputees.

Almost all new medical breakthroughs and technologies are tested through clinical trials. Without conducting these trials, these new medical breakthroughs would never become available to the consumer. One of the major ongoing problems with advancing medical technology though clinical trials is recruiting and finding qualified participants to enroll in these breakthrough new technologies. As many as 80% of the available spaces in the clinical trials available worldwide are never filled, and many trials fail to recruit even one single participant. Only about percent of cancer patients even participate kin clinical trials (Forbes Feb19, 2019)

On the other side, patients are generally not given all their treatment and clinical trial options because they are only offered the treatments and trials available at their local medical facility. Therefore, nobody is really evaluating what new technologies or currently recruiting clinical trials would be optimal for that patient, and instead patients end up with sub-optimal care.

The statistics speak for themselves. The US in many ways remains the leader in healthcare innovation, but it "Ranks 29th in the Global Healthcare Access and Quality Index". Other studies rank the US almost 40th in the world for medical outcomes. This points to a major disconnect between what technologies are out there and what patients are actually getting, and much of that has to do with the lack of advocacy available for evaluating and matching patients to the optimal treatments and clinical trials that are out there.

Eric Drew, VP of Marketing for Aloha, was himself a victim of this systematic inadequacy. In December 2002, Eric was diagnosed with a "terminal" leukemia (ALL) and spent almost two years in several hospitals doing multiple clinical trials that he knows now had almost no chance at saving him. All those trials failed. When finally every medical center turned him away and said nothing more could be done, his search turned global as he contacted the top doctors in Europe and i a desperate attempt to find a solution. Within a few days, Eric finally learned about the treatment that would save his life, a stem cell transplant using the umbilical cords of newborn babies. Eric is now cured and dedicates his life to solving this issue of patients not receiving transparent information about their treatment options.

Eric reports "If I would have had access to an Aloha Trial Search and a global advocate community to inform me of all the latest treatments and trials available, I would gone directly to the treatment that cured me and avoided years of grueling radiation and chemo which destroyed my quality of life, not to mention the millions of dollars in unnecessary and redundant medicine. This is why I do what I do!"

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