• Eric@Aloha

Aloha & Non-Profit Partner Launch New Trial Matching Services for Amputees

Updated: Aug 13

Medical AI Technology company Aloha Health Network launches new clinical trial offering to amputee patients looking for the most advanced solutions. Patients suffering from post operative ghost pain, numbness, stump pain, nerve pain, or a variety of other issues facing amputees, now have a way to access the most advanced solutions represented in the latest clinical trials. Aloha's non-profit partner has set up a free Advocate Network so patients can ask questions, access professional advocates, talk to other patients, and get the help they need finding and deciding which treatment would be optimal for their particular case. Rob Wynden, CEO of Aloha, states, "Its all about getting patients to optimal care, and this is where the missions of Aloha and WeHeal come together"

To visit the trial listing -


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